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Solve scientific mysteries every month with Science Expeditions!

Science Expeditions Subscription

Solve real-life scientific mysteries every month through science experiments and hands-on STEM activities! Young makers will get a thrill out of extracting DNA from a strawberry, building a solar car, and more. Every monthly shipment has a crate packed full of do-it-yourself science experiments and activities.

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Choosing Gifts for Young Makers, Scientists and Artists

Children are made to dream big. Our mission is to help kids explore the world around them – and help them understand that kids can make an impact!

Getting to Know the Young Maker

Creativity and big dreams are perhaps the biggest indicators that you have a Maker in the making. Other tip-offs include taking toys apart piece by piece, tinkering with electronics or an interest in learning new things constantly. One way to make sure that your curious kid is always entertained and learning is to keep a steady stream of educational activities available. Our monthly subscriptions to Science Expeditions make that easy!

What a Creative Kid Wants (and Needs) in a Gift

Although a young scientist’s attention span seems to wane when it’s time for chores, it recovers when it comes to preferred activities and time with friends. Gifts that combine a sense of adventure and discovery will be favorites with the curious young tinkerer in your life. Anything that permits a deeper understanding of how things work and the mysteries that led them to be that way is a good choice. Our comic books (a new one arrives every month with your Science Expeditions shipment) cover a wide breadth of scientific subjects, while still being entertaining, funny and on a kid’s level. To appeal to their sense of planning and routine, subscriptions make great choices. Kids can plan on new discoveries and learn with every delivery. Choose gift subscriptions that nurture their interests, build their collections or provide connections to new knowledge. Discover all the mysteries and adventures your young scientist can uncover with a monthly subscription to Science Expeditions!


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